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Glad you made it to Davao City’s premiere location for golf. We are a locally run and operated website dedicated to golfer who is looking for a course to play that fits their ability / budget. Ever notice when you make a Google search for golf in Davao City or something similar, that you get very little information on the state of golf in Davao City. We found that to be a problem.

We thought to ourselves about what we would want to know about a course and what was important. We then set out to get the facts for ourselves. Lets not trust what the “marketing” material for each site has to say, we have played every course in town why not share our experiences with others. Especially the visiting golfer to Davao City. How do they know where to play, the internet is just about their only resource to find a good course, that is a good value, based off what they are looking for.

We are in the process of getting every single course in town up and reviewed. It will take some time, check back often to see the updates or simply put your email address up in the upper right corner of the site and join our mailing list. We will let you know about the updates to the site as they happen.

We provide the following to all golfers:

Golf Reviews – We send a member of our staff out to play the course. He pays for the course from his own pocket. We don’t ask the course if it would be a good time for a review?!? That just doesn’t make sense, if you call up the course to play 9 times out of 10 they are not going to tell you whats wrong with the course. Fortunately we have played all these courses many times. We have seen them in good condition and in bad. We know if it is always in the condition being reviewed or if it was something temporary. The reviewer then comes back and writes his review and assigns ratings based off of his recent experience and his overall experience at the course. Remember we are not getting anything from these course, we pay our own way, we have no incentive to write a “favorable” review.  We are going to tell it to you how it is, if the course doesn’t like it, let them address the problems and we will be more than happy to re-review the course. Also keep in mind that we are not “visiting” reviewers, we play this courses year around, not once and that’s it.  The rating system we use covers all the bases needed to make a informed decision before making and tee time and spending your time and money.

We rate the courses on the following criteria:

1. Course Conditions – The top reason to visit a course, we let you know if the course ready for a PGA event or if its just barely staying alive.

2. Difficulty Level – This is a very subjective rating, we not only rate how difficult it is for us, but take into consideration the average / visiting golfer that may not of played there before. Our reviewers handicaps range from ratingsphotoScratch (0) up to about  a 17 so we are not just giving good advice but useful advice.

3. Pro Shop / Restaurant – Here we let you know if this is somewhere you can get the equipment you might need to complete your day and we let you know how the food stacks up to the competition.

4. Value for Money – Another rather subjective rating, we try to take all the other ratings into consideration when deciding what we think is a good value. Is the course in perfect condition, but very expensive? We take our experience from all over San Antonio and compare that criteria to the rest. It may be in perfect condition but the readers would like to know if their is a course in almost perfect condition and much cheaper? This is the information you are not going to find anywhere else on the web.

5. Location – Is the course 50 miles outside of town?, well let you know. Sometimes the location can detract from the value or add to it. There maybe courses with perfect conditions, a good price, good people but be 40 miles outside out of town. Sometimes this makes sense when choosing a course. When deciding what courses we were going to include we pulled up a map and took all the courses within 1 hour drive from downtown. We stopped short of Austin.

Course Information – We try to provide as much information about the course that we can, making DavaoCityGolf.com truly a one stop shop for your golf informational needs. We provide course contact information, a score card from each and every course, course layout, location of the course with full direction capabilities, if the course has the ability to take tee times online, we connect you to their service and photos of the course so you can get a idea of what awaits your on your next golf outing.

Readers Top 10 – We have a page dedicated to the top 10 golf courses in Davao City ranked by YOUR ratings. We compile all the reviews and ratings that our readers have submitted and put them in a Top 10 format for easy access.

Readers Reviews – Probably the most valuable part of the website. We allow every reader of the site to make their own review using the same criteria we use. They can give their review and choose their star levels for the categories and you see what they think about the site. These are golfers just like us and everyone has different experiences and views. The more information we can collect on a given the course the better decisions we can make as the customers as to where we want to spend our hard earned time and money. We want to hear your experiences from the course, so that others can benefit. If your looking to be a staff reviewer this is the place to start, make some comprehensive reviews of the courses that are up contact us. We look over what you have written and see if we like it 🙂

DCG.com’s Top Picks – Since we constantly play the courses in town, we can keep tabs on how they change for the better or worse over time. We have 3 special categories in the above Navigation Bar. The first is DCG.com’s Top rated course. We took everything about our experience with the courses over years and and narrowed it down to 1. This course will not disappoint. The second is DCG.com’s Top Rated Value. One usually expects that if the green fees are expensive the the course should be excellent condition, this may or may not be true (well let you know in our review :), but there may be in town that “hidden gem” that is reasonably priced but never fails to please. We’ll let you know when a course is a excellent experience but easy on the wallet 🙂 The third is the best “driving range” in town. Did you know that we have 4 driving ranges in Davao City??

Driving Ranges – In addition to reviewing EVERY SINGLE course in town, we are reviewing EVERY SINGLE driving range and practice facility. We will let you know if the facility is worth your hard earned time and money.

Weather and News – We also have a continually updated weather service on the page. In addtion we have PGA news and some shopping links. Feel free to explore 🙂

SubCategories – We have subcategories that sort the courses by different criteria. There are sorts by Cost and Quality, each have breakdowns of different levels.

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