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Apo Golf & Country Club

Apo Golf & Country Club is located in Barangay Bago, about 30 minutes drive south of Davao City proper, along the AH26. Keep a lookout for the entry gate. The roadside signage comes out of no where. Been there many times and still have to keep my guard up ;) There is a long winding road leading to the caddy shack and the clubhouse. Make sure to stop the caddy shack on the right hand side of the road and drop your bags before proceeding to the clubhouse. If you have a preferred caddy you can request it then from the caddy master, if not it will be by rotation.

The clubhouse was undergoing renovation in our last visit and they were bringing it up to date. The club is a everyday mans course. Nothing over the top or expensive. It is actually very reasonably priced for locals and “foreigners”. They list their amenities as having a swimming pool, pelota courts, practice green and driving range. As of November 2009 and the previous 4 years before, I have never seen the swimming pool in a usable condition and never even seen the pelota courts.

The putting greens are in good condition and depict what you can expect on the course in terms of speed and condition. The driving range has approximately 20 stalls and is dirt based. It is also only about 220 yards deep. They have a net surrounding it. (the 10th hole wraps around the range) I never even considered pulling the driver while at the range. But it is sufficient for warming up before playing.

The staff at Apo really are very warm and friendly. This may not be the top course in Davao as far as facilities or conditions (although conditions are typically good), but their staff is very professional and very helpful. They treat their guests and members as if it were a top tier club.

The course itself is used in several professional tournaments throughout the year. The front 9 is fairly straight forward with wide fairways and back to front sloping greens. The greens at Apo are kept in very good condition. They typically run from 10-11 on the Stimp meter. The 10th hole is what they are known for as from the tee you have a great view of Mount Apo (Philippines highest peak) and the 11th hole is a par 3 that might as well be a island green as there is a pond that extends from tee to green and the all around the green is death. There is no bailout area. But never fear, if you drop a couple in the water, the local kids will be glad to go and fetch them for you :) The back 9 continues on this theme of fairly tight tree lined fairways with twists and turns. The back is more of a placement layout than a bomber one.

The caddies at Apo are knowledgeable and can help you shave a few strokes off, especially if you have never played the track before. We typically use the same caddies every time we visit, a trio of brothers (sons of the former club pro, i believe) they are all 3 very personable, professional and very good golfers in their own right. Although I hear the youngest of the 3 is giving it to his older brothers these days :)

We have never eaten in the restaurant (although we have gotten snacks and drinks) on site but we have eaten several times at the food stalls outside the main gate. Just park right inside the gate and walk back to the main road. The resturant on the corner has excellent food that is very inexpensive. Their adobo and their curry goat is delicious.

Note: They are currently developing a subdivision right next to the course. Hopefully it will deliver a shot to the arm of the dated facilities at Apo.

Reviewer | DCG

I am the creator, owner and lead reviewer for Davao City Golf.net. I play in Davao City and around the world year round. I split my time between family, work and golf. My handicap floats right around 3-6. I play in most local amateur events. I have caddied for local pros at professional tournaments. My family, friends and most my acquaintances play golf, when it's raining we watch golf, this is what we do :)

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Course Details

Name:  Apo Golf & Country Club

Address:  Barangay Bago

City:  Davao City

State:  Mindanao

Zip Code:  8000

Phone:  (082) 297 2150/297-2090/298-2851

Web Site:  


Head Pro:  

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Course Conditions44444
Difficulty Level44444
Pro Shop/Restaurant44444
Value for Money55555

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Apo Golf & Country Club Apo Golf & Country Club Apo Golf & Country Club Apo Golf & Country Club Apo Golf & Country Club Apo Golf & Country Club Apo Golf & Country Club

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12 Reviews of “Apo Golf & Country Club”
  1. Jeff Galaise says:

    I am moving to Davao late this year and am interested in a membership and the sub-division you mentioned can you enlighten me futher ?

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  2. DCG says:


    You hit the nail on the head. The only thing really wrong with Apo is the lack of money they put into the course. Having said that golf in the philippines for a public course is a dicey proposition. You are catering to the upper class, but in the philippines there are two upper classes. Apo caters to the lower income uppper class. As such they do not spend the money where they need to. I believe their only hope is that the subdivision builds out quickly and gets them a infusion on capital. The course could be stunning with a good investment, but I fear the ROI at the rates they charge would be many many decades.

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    • Hi , yes I enjoyed the golf course , where is this subdivision as I am interested as I retire in feb next year , the course also needs a new website and the local pro could give say free group lesson to young local golfers once a week to promote the game and who knows , I like to get my handicap down to below 4 again and take the PGA course here in the UK so I could maybe teach over there , just an idea , maybe we could get the local members to donate their unwanted golf clubs for use in the local group lessons , pipe dreams maybe , apo is a good course and layout , needs investment like you say , I have also played kalasangi GC in the dole plantation here in gensen and its a nice wee 9 hole course , the other course I have played over here is mount malarayat , good track

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  3. Course Conditions 44444
    Difficulty Level 44444
    Pro Shop/Restaurant 44444
    Value for Money 55555
    Location 44444

    I played this course on Thursday 13th as a guest of Dan Dan Decastro , very nice track with lots of good holes , a shot makers course , you have to be selective of your tee shots off the tee both in line and length to be in the best position to hit your next shot into the greens, greens very good and your caddy will show you the line, all in all its a lovely place to play golf , club house is nice and friendly , driving range is not too long and is dirt base , invest in astro turf and it would be much better , the swimming pool and pelota courts are no more , as for the sub division , which one and where is it as I would be interested , lastly thanks to Dan Dan and the other members and staff for making me feel most welcome

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    • I will be over there on the 17th jan 2014 to play the course again , I will be staying at the marco polo , will be meeting up with Dan Dan Decastro and the boys to play and this time with my own clubs , will want to check out Rancho as well , maybe even Davao city Golf Course …………….any tips or advice

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  4. I will be over in gensen on the 5th of june 2013 , I am looking to play this course as I am looking to live in the area , also wanting to buy property here in Davao close to this course , mobile no in uk is 07825163908 , call me if you can help thanks

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  5. Stu says:

    I find Apo a great course to hone your game.

    Condition wise it is not what I would call “A” rated, but certainly its B plus. Greens are good but certainly not 10-11 on a stipmeter as suggested in the review here.

    Having played here many times and comparing the greens to the greens in bigger tournaments I have played in where the greens were actually 10-11, I would say they run around 8 to 9. That being said, the greens are always in pretty good condition.

    Actually, I think they are probably even better than Davao’s more fancied course Rancho Palos Verdes. Certainly they roll better .

    As I mentioned up front, Apo is a great course to hone your game as it demands just about all shots.
    I would rarely play Apo and not use every club in my bag.

    The fact that many good players have come from Apo is testament to the fact that you really need to be able to play all the shots here. With maybe the exception of wind shots. Apo tends not be very wind affected, but apart from that is will certainly test your game.

    The 1 th hole is a pretty straight forward par 4 that welcomes you into the course and an easy par or birdie is always on the cards.

    Any thoughts that this will be an easy course are then stripped away quickly as you stand on the 2nd tee.
    It requires a a strong drive to the right side of the fairway and then a mid to long iron to a relativey small green.
    The 3rd and 6th holes are par 5’s that require a tactial approach from all except the biggest hitters.
    But they are reachable for the big hitters but still frought with danger. True risk and reward.

    For most however they are genuine 3 shot holes that reguire good placement with the tee shot and 2nd shots to set up a birdie chance.

    The short 8th hole is a hard dogleg left that requires a brave tee shot to set up a birdie chance.
    A very sloping green adds to the difficulity on what looks like on paper a relatively easy hole.

    The back nine again requires good angles off the tee. With the 12th hole a stand out here.

    It reguires a strong tee shot through a narrow shute to the right side of the fairway to set up a mid to long iron to a small green.

    The par 3 11th is a relatively short par 3 but it is all water carry. Reading the wind on this heavily treed hole is the biggest test on this hole. Short and you are in the water, long.. and you face a very difficult up and down from a scratchy lie.

    The 16th is a short par 4 that requires a accurate fading tee shot through the trees to set up a birdie chance. Treat this hole with respect or can bring your round apart in an eye blink!

    In Summary, Apo is in my opinion a truly great course that will test every aspect of your game.If you can play well here, then you can play anywhere. I certainly rate it as a 4 star.

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    • DCG says:

      I have yet to play the course during the wet season (as it is in Davao), but typically from October till February, the greens do run rather well. Although I have not played there in a couple of years. Yes wind in general in Davao is relatively light.

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  6. Mike Kim says:


    Thanks for the info. I am planning to settle in Davao or Digos. I noticed there is two different prices for foreigner and locals. Does this apply here? Can I buy a membership? If so, what is the terms and conditions?


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  7. John Deecher says:


    I will be arriving in Davao on March 2nd. Would like to hook up with a member the following week in the morning. could you help me?


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    • DCG says:

      John, i am out of town for the next month or so, if you like you can contact the pro shop at the following number: (082) 301-2100

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